3d printed jewelry



You may think the world is a pretty ordinary place, but sometimes, from the corner of your eye, you noticed that it is so much more.

Pookas conceives rare and odd pieces of jewelry.
It is designed in Germany but available around the world through the magic of 3D printing services!

There is a movie from the early 50’s called “Harvey“.
James Stewart plays the curious Elwood P. Dowd whose best mate is a mystery “Pooka”, an invisible 6-foot rabbit.
Obviously Elwood sees the world with different eyes than most people. He is a very kind person who treats everyone equal and yes, he hangs out with an unseen rabbit all the time. To be open-minded is a good thing and if this means to see things that are hidden to others, so be it.

Be nice to the next person you’ll meet, no matter if it is human or an invisible Pooka!


Vision is the art
of seeing things invisible.



3D printing is technology, but it still has magic: It’s great to see how visions and ideas can become reality.
The designs can be created in a large amount of materials like stainless steel, brass, bronze, silver and even gold or platinum.
It’s also possible to consider customization like sizes or inscriptions.

Devil Horns Pendant
“Spirit of the Sea” Octopus Vial Pendant
“What a Day” Banner Pendant
“The Colonel” Belt Buckle
“Owliver” Belt Buckle
Silver Rabbit Whistle
Tiny Whistle
Classic Spectacle Frame
Brass Eagle Whistle
Shiny Hypno Owl
Silver Dog Whistle
Ahoy Ring
Shiny Rabbit Whistle
No Such Thing … Ring
Snake Ring
Gold Plated Stag Beetle
Reverse Bird Ring
Reverse Snake Ring
Serpents Buckle
Greedy Fish
Rose Window Pendant
Whistle of the Dead
Decision Spintop
Layer Rings
Embraced Snakes Pendant
Bicycle Bottle Fender Mount
Lightning Valve Caps
Fixie Carrying Handle
Leaf Veins Pendant
Steel Whistle of the Dead
Skull Tobacco Pipe
Fox Whistle
Some Rings
Acorn Whistle
Steel Eagle Whistle
Lovely Whistle
Wonderful Banner Pendant
Steel Dog Whistle
Classic Whistle
Steel Stag Beetle
Amour Fou Ring
Amour Fou Pendant
Letter M Ring
Spiral Ring
Target Ring
Grail Ring
Ornament Ring
Stampmaker Owl
Letter M Pendant
Heart Pendant
Diamond Pendant
Muster Ring
Crystal Ornament Pendant
Crystal Pendant
Tiny Rabbit
Spiral Pendant
Hypno Owl Pendant
Reality Ring
Another Owl Buckle
Owl Buckle
Dog Bone Tag
Anchor Buckle
Floral Locket
Belt Clip
Letter M Buckle
Star Ring
Bellyn Ring
Office Bird Ring
Crown Ring
Harvey Ring

Distance becomes obsolete by using
3D printing services around the world!



Shapeways is an online 3D printing service
and marketplace, headquartered in New York.
You’ll find most Pookas Designs there.


i.materialise is an online 3D printing service
and marketplace headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.
They provide some great Pookas Designs.


Etsy is a marketplace
where people around the world connect,
to make, sell and buy unique goods.





The better you look,
the more you see.



Michael Mueller

It’s always great to get feedback!
Send me a message if you have a question, suggestion… what ever!


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